Tim and the funeral for Chaz Black

Judge Tim Philpot has an unfortunate habit of gloating at funerals. In addition to the funeral for RJ Corman described in his autobiographical novel (see earlier post), he narrates the memorial service for a black character “Chad” (identifiable as the real life Chaz Black) at Consolidated Baptist Church, 1625 Russell Cave Rd in Lexington.
 “The funeral for Chad had been quite an event last year. Consolidated Missionary Baptist Church was packed with four hundred people. It was Sunday best for most folks. Pastor Arthur McGaffrey started by asking everyone who was carrying a gun to come put it on the altar. No one did. It was the only funeral the judge ever attended where the deceased was barely mentioned. The service instead was a passionate plea against violence and guns. Chad had never even been in the church. Too late now.”
Here is another mention of the same funeral:
“During the funeral for Black at Consolidated Baptist Church with a crowd overflowing out the door, I wept again as a tearful Joyce Black, Chaz’s paternal grandmother pleaded for the young people, “for Chaz’s sake,” to stop the violence.”

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