Tim to "the blacks" : Stop killing each other

Judge Timothy Philpot addresses the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement in his autobiographical novel: https://www.amazon.com/Judge-Irretrievably-Broken-Tim-Philpot/dp/0692634967                      
In the book his alter ego and hero , Judge Z, muses:
“Judge Z had seen them all in court. All the signs of a bad outcome were there. The gang tats, the drooping pants hanging so low it looked like they had repealed the law of gravity, the hoodies and white T-shirts, the gang signs they flashed to each other. All were black. All were killed by other young black men. … Every year more young black men were murdered in Lexington. All by other black kids. Not by cops. But the cops were always the targets of protests and accusations about police brutality and excessive force.”
Broad stereotyping, in this instance, racial stereotyping, is improper on its face and represents an overly-simplistic way of looking at serious issues that, in real life, have nuance. To imply that the wearing of white T-shirts and hoods by black people are predictable “signs of a bad outcome” is racial profiling at best. Any young African-American male in Judge Philpot’s court who does not meet his standard of sartorial panache is likely to be at a disadvantage.

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