Homophobia is usually deeply ingrained in older people

Tim Philpot claims to have discovered a “phenomenal love” for gays and lesbians in his seventh decade. As a state senator however, he did not think LGBT people deserved hate crime protection because he considered gays themselves “the primary form” of anti-gay violence, as this newspaper article recalls:
Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) March 21, 1998 Section: Main News Edition: Final Page: A10
FRANKFORT – Republican lawmakers tried unsuccessfully yesterday to remove from a wide-ranging crime bill tougher penalties for people who commit hate crimes.
Sen. Tim Philpot touched off a verbal backlash from Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee by claiming that gay men are the greatest source of violence against themselves because they spread AIDS.
“The lifestyle itself is extremely destructive,” said Philpot, R-Lexington . He added, “The real problem of violence in the gay community is they are hurting each other.”
Philpot’s amendment would have removed portions of the bill that would increase penalties for people who commit crimes against people because of their race, color, religion or national origin.
“I don’t think hate-motivated crime should be punished at a greater level than greed-motivated crime,” he said. he said, homosexuals are “the primary form” of anti-gay violence, via the spread of AIDS.
“All I’m trying to say to the gay community is, `Your conduct is killing you; therefore, don’t do it,’ ” Philpot said.


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