Judge Tim Philpot was a racist, and likely still is

Judge Tim Philpot has no qualms enjoying Asian hospitality as he preaches to the “Oriental people” during his many trips abroad. At home however, he thinks they don’t care what’s right or wrong and are incapable of understanding the truth. The newspaper article quoted below should raise concerns for any minorities appearing in his courtroom:
Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) October 8, 1994 Section: CITY/STATE Edition: FINAL Page: C3
State Sen. Tim Philpot prides himself on a successful record as a civil rights attorney, but his opponent in the 12th District race said Philpot is a hypocrite because of racially offensive statements he made during a 1993 divorce case. A tape of a court case in which Philpot represents a man divorcing his Korean wife shows the Lexington Republican criticizing Asians for being incapable of understanding the truth.
“I hate to say this because I will be accused at some point in my lifetime of probably making some sort of racially derogatory statement, and this is not what I intended to do whatsoever, Your Honor, but I do think there is a mind- set among the Oriental people, and I’ve had lots of them as clients, they do not understand the truth,” Philpot said during closing arguments of the divorce case in June 1993.
“I think they don’t sit down and think about what is the truth and what is the standard here of what is right and wrong,” Philpot said. “They say whatever they think is going to help them at the time.”
 Paula Raines, an attorney who represented the wife in the divorce case said, “For someone who holds himself out as a civil rights attorney, he made some incredibly racist statements.”

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