Desegregated churches the key to racial harmony?

In a recent radio interview, Judge Timothy Philpot stated that the greatest barrier to race relations in America is the fact that blacks and whites do not pray in the same churches. Leaving aside the fact that this discussion was in the context of the Charleston church shooting, Judge Philpot seems to forget that many of the involved parties do not pray in any churches.
Even if communal interracial worship is the answer, it is unclear how that is to be achieved.  Are African-American to be bussed into the suburbs and squeezed into empty mega-church pews or will soccer moms be raising the rafters with gospel songs with inner city congregations? The logistic problems highlight an actual cause of racial tension. Black and white tend to be separated not just geographically, but also by gaps in opportunity. That gap is getting smaller and there are plenty of poor white people too, but Judge Philpot’s solution is naïve like many of his causes.  In general, black slaves were forcibly converted to Christianity and didn’t choose to worship separately like those who practice other religions.
Tim: Charleston—and then, all of the stuff that’s happened, here, more recently, this
year. I got back on my horse again, but I became completely convinced that the main problem
is that we don’t go to church together. Now, that sounds kind of blunt and simple; but we
don’t know each other. There is some kind of disconnect in the worlds that we live in.
FamilyLife Today® Radio Transcript, Episode: Here Comes the Judge, Guest: Tim Philpot
From the series: Irretrievably Broken (Day 3 of 3), Air date: November 18, 2016

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