The Dishonorable Judge

In addition to his courtroom outbursts, Judge Philpot has a persistent tendency to discuss his ongoing cases in public outside the courtroom, for no better purpose than to vent his own frustrations at societal decay. These lapses seem to contravene several canons of judicial ethics. One recent example was a talk he gave to the Francis Asbury Society on 8/25/2016 regarding a couple who appeared in his court the day before. Judge Philpot recounted how he castigated the husband for not seeing his five-year-old son for a 32-day span because the man was too pre-occupied by his work and girlfriend. In Judge Philpot’s opinion there was no reason for the couple to be divorcing except for the existence of the girlfriend.  The case resembles the circumstances of the frustrated father who posted the accompanying video clip. Judge Philpot seems to revel in the “Jerry Springer” environment in his courtroom but should bear in mind that these are families in distress. Family courts should not be sources of entertainment or whipping posts to expunge his own angst.


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