Scientists – don’t go full heathen if you want to get into the kingdom of heaven!

In these unguarded comments to his religious audience at the Francis Asbury Society, Judge Philpot reveals that he categorizes people into at least three classes:
1. Those firmly on our side (the side of good), like his devout audience
2. Those who are basically good (they “just don’t know god”), but somewhat misguided because they don’t equivocally share all our strongly held opinions and values. The “total heathen” scientists in this example
3. Others (on the side of evil) – our enemies who can be further divided into degrees of evil when necessary
Even if Judge Philpot can accurately identify those who belong in category 3, this method of sorting spells trouble for those in category 2 (arguably a large proportion of the population) who find themselves in his court, especially if the adverse party belongs in category 1.
Tim Philpot is a judge in Fayette County Family Court, Lexington Kentucky. This video is an extract of his public speech given to the Francis Asbury Society on September 8th, 2016 in Wilmore, Kentucky during which he describes his experiences in family court.

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