Dichotomy in Judge Philpot’s attitude towards women. Part 1: witches and whores

Judge Philpot seems prone to a Madonna/whore complex in his attitude towards women as revealed in his autobiographical novel “Judge Z: Irretrievably Broken”. Below is a list of female characters depicted as evil or wanton.
Evidence of Witchery findings
Brandi Peacock
Jack Stirling’s girlfriend and “side-bitch.” She  “does hair” and has colorful tattoos. Smoker, thirty-two years old, had no children.
Ms. Chapman
A mother in child naming dispute with the father of their child, John Thomas Lee who is still married to another woman. She subsequently denied John Thomas Lee was the father so that she could keep her family name for the child. Represented by Harry Wolff.
Judy Bates
Dope smoking, perjuring wife divorcing Bernard Bates. She has custody of children: 16 year old daughter Melinda and a  13 year old son who is flunking school.
Mrs. Garrison
In her 60’s and divorcing her husband after forty years of marriage. She had been part of a “Pagans rally in front of the courthouse a year ago, complete with witches, warlocks and wiccans. Mrs. Garrison led the chants to worship Satan in a crowd that looked like rejects from a Grateful Dead concert.”
Mrs. Jones
Former teacher divorcing husband of 22 years.  “Mrs. Jones already had her eye on a divorced man at church.”
Mrs. Melanie Hemlock
“A depressed, lonely, over-indulgent mother” who discomfits Judge Z by weeping while he is granting their divorce.
Anica Washington
Paternity court litigant, twenty-one, a mother of three who invokes DNA testing to seek support from poverty pleading  jailbird Xavier Bradshaw.
Janet Guy
“A typical young lady who got pregnant and became eligible for government benefits and knew the father was in jail. A drug addict, with six kids by five women. She never planned to be anything other than a single mother, just like her own mother.”
Scott’s Kendall’s vacillating girlfriend seeking her tenth domestic violence petition. Endangers her kids by recants under demonic influence.
DeJuan’s girlfriend
Accuses the judge of being racist when he orders her to be drug tested along with DeJuan before returning custody of his daughter. She is ejected, threatened with imprisonment and forced to apologize.
Tonya McDonald
Presents poorly handwritten complaint asking for “no contact” with her latest boyfriend, Jerry Turner, but recants in court. This was her fifth petition against five different men who had fathered her babies.
Mrs. Cranford
Now divorcing Mr. Cranford  after having a baby boy. Both parties were Fayette County police officers who left their previous spouses.
Jackie Finley
Ben Keegan’s lesbian ex-girlfriend/wife who is admonished by the judge for introducing their daughter Emily to her live-in girlfriend.
Zambian woman who has a daughter with Dr. T – twelve-year-old Vanna. “But what Veronique really wanted was an opportunity to stand up in front of fifty people and tell everyone what a lousy father and husband he was. Again.”
Mrs. Dawid
Devastated wife of Kuwaiti Mr. Dawid who pretends not to understand English to obstruct the judge’s attempt to divide marital property but whose verbal agreement alone is sufficient for the judge to determine that the marriage is irretrievably broken .
Sheila Cassity
Sister to Allie Gomez, runs Pure Gold strip club with her husband.
Debby Lundie
Lundie v. McConnell, a custody case involving a beautiful three-year-old boy. Debbie and Matt are the parents. Matt liked the wild side of her until she got pregnant and ruined everything by having a baby. Tattoos are exhibit A.
Kim Brown
Pregnant, three children from a prior relationship, William Gray Jr, 3; Camden Gray, 2; and Abigail Gray, who was not quite a year old. Suffers fiery retribution when a wrathful god burns her family as punishment for not being married.
Shirley Payton
Best friend to Judy Bates providing affidavits of dubious veracity (but sufficent for the judge) against Mr. Bates to support restraining orders.
“A heroin-addicted mother, twenty years old, with her third baby in her arms, born six days ago. Her second cousin appeared and the state had every intention of granting temporary custody to the cousin, who already had Althea’s other two children.”
Young bleached-blonde mother of two on drugs. Prostitution charges were pending.
Had a baby two weeks ago. She snorted pills during her pregnancy
“Redhead Jennette was only eighteen and probably weighed ninety pounds. Two children, ages four and one. The report showed that she was heavily into drugs and prostitution.”
“Took heroin and pills during her pregnancy. She didn’t show for court, but the baby’s grandmother appeared. Grannie already had custody of four grandchildren.”
Drug using hippie mom of unbathed neglected kids named Earth, Rain and Fire. Fathers unknown. Tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.
Ivory Smith
Poor, drug-using teenager who has been in the judge’s court since age 13 and whom he has “almost adopted…as his own daughter”. Two years prior at age 16, the judge rescued her from abortion mongering lawyers, social workers, doctors and other judges after which she renounced both abortion and delinquency. She now has a 2 year old son, Jeremiah and has never heard of Cinderella. Her character has some redeeming qualities but all this drugs and fornication clearly spells “witch” once she is no longer a minor.
Laura Mahoney
Ivory Smith’s Legal Aid attorney who attempts to bypass Ivory’s grandmother in order to procure an abortion for Ivory but is upbraided by the judge.
Louisa Franke
Ivory Smith’s social worker who conspires to procure an abortion for Ivory.
Margaret Crenshaw
Ivory’s grandmother who backtracks on giving permission for Ivory’s abortion after the judge remarks “… her friends at the Consolidated Missionary Baptist Church are not going to be happy about all this.”
Wanda Overstreet
J.J.’s relative/guardian living near East Sixth and Chestnut Street, with apathetic 300 lb. boyfriend, who resembles an obese, black Lucifer.
Allie Gomez
“She had two kids. Typical drug mom. Dad was from Mexico and long gone.” She works at an adult nightclub with her sister Sheila Cassity.
Glenna Carlson
Social worker who attempts to prevent Judge Z from knowing that Allie’s children have been placed with her sister who also works at Pure Gold strip club.
Teresa Butler
Guardian/grandmother to Jefferson Davis. Relies on his hot-wiring skills for automotive transportation when a broom is not handy.
Jessica Owens
19 year old woman facing charges for the attempted murder of her baby, born seven days ago in a toilet. Baby’s father was purported to be her friend Bonnie’s husband, Carlton.
Jane Wright
Acquaintance and partner in fornication of the judge’s mother. Now married to Warner Wright. As a sixteen-year-old girl as wild as a hawk, she ran off to get married to a twenty-year-old guy she met, named Pete. She was pregnant and dropped out of school. She came home when Pete hit her and left her alone in a motel in Louisville. The baby went up for adoption. a young evangelist, Philip Currans saved her.  Still tainted by sin.
A drug addict with four kids, ages nine to three, all in therapy for sex abuse and neglect. Her new boyfriend, not charged yet, was the likely perpetrator. She has never heard of Humpty Dumpty.
Robin Newton
“staunchly and openly pro-abortion” female Fayette Family Court judge – preferred choice for judicial bypass.
Josephine Conrad
Local newspaper editorial contributor -” had been divorced three times and had given up on marriage long ago. Judging by her signed columns, she believed that the only rule was no rules.”
Unnamed women’s rights advocate
Newspaper commentator who “Taught a course in Gender Violence at UK. She predicted that Judge Z’s ruling would force abused women to stay with abusive men.”
Diane Williams
Female “lay member” of the Judicial Conduct Commission from whom the judge is saved by divine intervention once she “saw the chance to collect her per diem, end the day early and go back to work selling real estate.”
Tanya McCoy
A retired judge from Harlan County who had been feuding with Dean Beck and dislikes Judge Z. Unsuccessfully attempts to continue disciplinary proceedings against the judge after the Stirlings retract their complaint.
Michael Burch
Technically a warlock because he is an openly gay law student and Obama follower in  Prof. Bertram’s class who also decides to help with the Irretrievably Broken hearing because of painful memories of his own parent’s divorce.
Jake Tolliver
Also technically a warlock because of his homosexuality. A reporter for the local newspaper the “Lexington Times” which makes the Stirling divorce a front-page story. Perpetual thorn in the judge’s side. He and fellow reporter Marvin Crossfield (alias Al Cross) receive their comeuppance when the Judicial Conduct Commission apologizes to judge Z for harassing him.


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