Tim Philpot, the shy hedonist

Fighting over who pays the bill

Rather like Shaggy and Scooby, Tim Philpot loves to eat. He writes about his favorite dishes and eateries in his autobiographical novel set in Lexington. Kentucky.
Rather than praising his wife’s home cooking, he extols his mother’s chicken and appears to have a fondness for sharing burgers with various minors he mentors in the story. He plots imposing “Irretrievably Broken Hearings” with his law school co-conspirators at “Tolly Ho”, near the UK campus. The book’s final chapter closes with a visit to Natasha’s donut shop where he counsels Natasha against leaving her abusive husband who is addicted to pain killers and “Black Tar Heroin.”
In the book, Judge Philpot’s favorite gastronomic establishments include:
Bob Evans
Cracker Barrel
Five Guys           
Tolly Ho
Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court’s decision upholding the legality of same-sex marriage has given Judge Philpot some dyspepsia or at least curbed his appetite for eating out.
He previously limited  his female entrée partners to only his wife, to avoid scandalous accusations of sexual promiscuity. Now he worries about being seen publically nibbling with his male friends too, for fear of being outed as homosexuals.
 Tim Philpot is a judge in Fayette County Family Court, Lexington Kentucky. This video is an extract of his presentation titled “Union of Differences” given on September 8, 2016 to the Francis Asbury Society in Wilmore, Kentucky describing his experiences in family court.


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